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On March 19, an accident involving flight number FZ981 at Rostov-on-Don resulted in 62 fatalities including 55 passengers (33 women, 18 men and 4 children) and 7 crew members.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) investigating the accident has released an ‘Interim Report on Accident Investigation’ with five key recommendations.

The proposed five prompt safety recommendations are:

1. Inform the flight and maintenance personnel operating Boeing В737-800 airplanes on the accident.

2. Have additional training on elements of go-arounds in various conditions, in manual control mode with two engines operative from various heights and with insignificant flight weights.

3. To study the possibility of introduction into the FFS training program scenarios of go-arounds in various conditions, in manual control mode with two engines operative from various heights.

4. Repeatedly study and analyse the implementation of safety recommendations issued by investigation teams of accidents involving the Boeing 737-500 that crashed at Kazan airport on November 17, 2013.

5. Repeatedly analyse the applicability of recommendations to prevent accidents and incidents during go-around, developed by the BEA based on the safety study related to Aeroplane state awareness during go-around (ASAGA). Depending on the results of the analysis, take applicable safety measures.

The IAC said the information in the interim report is preliminary and subject to clarification and amendment based on pertinent examinations. The investigation will be completed with a final report, it adds.

In a statement, Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO, flydubai, welcomed the report and said that the carrier meets the highest safety, operating and training standards and was already following the recommendations outlined in the report.

The statement follows:

“Flydubai welcomes the publication today of the Interim Report (Preliminary Reference Information) on Accident Investigation by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC).  We would also like to thank the investigating authorities for their continued commitment to investigate this tragic accident.

“With regard to the five initial flight safety recommendations Flydubai has, as part of the ongoing communications within our emergency response plan, continued to update our crew and engineers with the information published by the IAC.

“With regard to the recommendations 2 and 3, these same procedures for go-around and flight simulator training have been in place since the airline was launched in 2009 and form part of standard operating procedures in line with industry best-practice.

“In relation to the fourth and fifth recommendation, as standard practice we review safety recommendations in the industry.   

“Flydubai is audited by the regulator and meets the highest safety, operating and training standards.”