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 There are plenty of vehicles that garner attention for their superior fuel efficiency, luxe accommodations, and impeccable safety records. But other vehicles hold themselves to a completely different standard altogether: their audacity to take on hell or high water.

These vehicles are built to face the worst conditions Point A to Point B could throw at them, and still deliver their passengers to the intended destination. We found an array of such vehicles on, the question and answer community, where users listed the most indestructible vehicles in the world. Below are some of the best answers we found, and all are vehicles we’d gladly keep in our garage or, airplane hanger, if need be.

Trucks with true grit

If you’re looking to make Hummer owners burn with envy, then consider the Paramount Marauder your new best friend. Quora user Brad Loewen says the Marauder is the, “Single-most indestructible consumer-level street legal vehicle on the planet,” and with good reason.

This South African-built armored vehicle weighs up 28,000-pounds, can be outfitted in either 4x4 or 6x6 variations, and — just in case you need it — can take an 8kg TNT explosion directly under the hull.